The liquid laurel soap ( shampoo) :
It's a soap made from olive and laurel oils along with manufactured raw materials , however the production method is different so it the soap will remain in liquid form and will not harden
What are the advantages and distinct characteristics of the liquid laurel soap from that of chemical shampoo :
1-The liquid laurel soap is made from natural materials only and not from chemicals
2-It's low foaming capacity at the beginning of the bath because it doesn't contain sulfate sodium laurel which causes foam , however it's dangerous for human safety and health . Some researches in the US proved that it's carcinogenic in addition to that the sulfate sodium laurel is used in production of all detergents
3- It naturally feed hair and skin efficiently and actively which may lead to felt hair for some dry hair people however they will be temporary and the hair will return to its original condition after several times of using the laurel shampoo
4-It will skim the fats from the scalp which passes the nutrients to hair follicles
5-The color and viscosity of the liquid may change according to the type of used olive oil , however the liquid efficiency will not change by remains steady and the quality of  olive oil and laurel will vary  according to the planted land and it's not steady as in chemical stuff
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