Info about Laurel oil :
- The laurel oil is obtained from a tree which grows in mountains and in clod climates .It gives fruits every year and we obtain oil by boiling the fruits .This tree is not widely distributed and the fruit oil has a nice and natural smell .It's hot for hair and skin therefore it's better to used at percentage of less than 25% in soap .Because of its efficiency it can kill all bacteria and has a magic action on the skin which eliminate many fungi , eczema , psoriasis and other diseases .It was used in the past in surgical operations as a natural disinfectant ( sterilizer) and it was used by the pharaohs where it was found in their tombs ( Cleopatra) and also it was used by the Roman Caesars where they put it as crowns on their heads and also the queen Zanobya  used it because it has a natural nice smell .
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